New Students


We are so glad you found us!!!! Starting something new is intimidating, so kudos to you for even considering it. Our goal on this page is to tell you everything you need to know to be confident about starting this yoga program. If, however, we don’t answer one of your questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 248-491-8565 or shoot us an email at

There are a lot of different styles of yoga. Some are relaxing, some are physical, some are gentle and some are not. Here at Bent Yoga, we offer a heated, athletic form of yoga. Our yoga is not necessarily  the style a doctor would be talking about to rehab you directly after open heart surgery. Also probably not the best for your 94 year old grandma. We are better targeted for people looking to become more active or who want to balance out a currently active lifestyle. That said, all of our classes are work-at-your-own-pace. We don’t mind if you take a break and come down to your mat, or even if you walk out of the room for a few moments. 

Yoga is not about being able to do crazy tricks or even being flexible at all. Yoga is what’s happening on the INSIDE when you are attempting postures. What are you thinking? How are you talking to yourself? Are you breathing or holding your breath? Yoga is simply awareness. There is no right or wrong. No perfection AT ALL. We are all just constantly learning and growing and exploring. We don’t compare ourselves to others, because we are all on very different journeys. Our room is dark and we consider falling a GOOD thing, because it meant you got out of your comfort zone. Yoga is MENTAL. The physical postures are simply meant to get you uncomfortable and challenge your mind. A great byproduct is losing weight and getting stronger, but the ultimate goal of yoga is to be able to notice your own thoughts and maybe even learn to override them (i.e. breathe deep when your body wants to hold your breath).

All of our classes ARE heated, and we already know what you’re going to say to that…..”but I don’t do heat well…” No one does, until you’re acclimated to it. To learn more about the benefits of hot yoga and heat acclimation, please check out


We are looking forward to meeting you! (and P.S. – we don’t care if you can touch your toes!)

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Step 3: Register for Classes

Studio Etiquette

Starting something new is often thwarted by not wanting to look silly. We are often fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing when we are in a new situation or around people we don't know. To make this transition easier for you, we put together a few ``Yoga Studio Etiquette`` rules so you can be confident in coming into Bent. Just click on the headings below to expand a particular section. Go ahead, just walk in like you own the place 🙂

Personal Hygiene
  • No perfumes, colognes, or strong smells (the heat amplifies it)
  • Make sure mat and towel are clean (wash mat with just water in shower and leave out in sun to dry is best way). Google tells you to wash things (clothes, mat) with vinegar – please don’t! It smells really really bad the moment whatever was washed heats up again and the odor remains a few classes later 🙁
What to Wear
  • Tighter fitting clothing you can still move around it (don’t want shirts to fly up overhead when you lean over) – Tank tops, sports bras, yoga pants
  • Check your yoga pants to ensure they are not transparent!
  • We don’t care if guys go shirtless and girls just wear sports bras – as long as the important parts are covered 🙂
  • That reminds me…..guys, wear something under your shorts – LOL!
  • Plan on being barefoot during class
What to Bring
  • Yoga mat (we do have some you can borrow if needed)
  • Towel  (bath towel or beach towel works great)
  • Water (preferable in a bottle or some other container)
Before Class
  • Come to studio about 10-15 minutes before class starts
  • Check in at the front desk / fill out any paperwork and sign in to class
  • Silence phones
  • Remove your shoes and socks and leave them in the lobby
  • Leave purses, glasses, and ALL ELECTRONICS in lobby – just bring mat, towel and water into room. Electronics (especially phones and fitbits) are very distracting during class, to both you and to others (the room is dark and the blinking lights and buzzing from vibrating is not fair to your neighbors)
  • Feel free to stay in the yoga room and stretch or lie down until class begins. Please keep talking to a minimum in the yoga room before class – move back out into the lobby for that.
  • Be aware of the content of your conversations. People come to relieve stress so we try to limit the gossip and negativity and keep it light and positive
  • Always be considerate of others’ experiences
During Class
  • The teacher walks around instead of doing the postures with you, so listen rather than look
  • If you don’t know a posture, feel free to look around at other students, but please don’t stare at anyone for long periods of time. It’s creepy 🙂 When you get comfortable, try playing with closing your eyes during class
  • NO TALKING – unless the teacher engages you (sometimes we count down together, moan, groan, swear, etc – all perfectly acceptable!). It is distracting to be carrying on a side conversation when others are trying to get into their little yoga zone (where you block everything out)
  • Warning – we often play music with explicit lyrics
  • Be aware of the space you take up and where your neighbor is (the nice way of saying don’t kick anyone in the face! LOL)
  • If the teacher is giving you an adjustment and you either have an injury or just don’t want it, politely tell the teacher no – promise our feelings won’t be hurt
  • If you have a question, either wait until after class to ask the teacher or, if it simply cannot wait, get the teacher’s attention and ask it discreetly instead of interrupting the class
  • Leave your ego at the door – please don’t compare yourself to the person next to you. Yoga is a process, not a destination and we want to challenge yourself but keep also stay safe. As long as you are listening to your body, dive in. But the moment that ego takes over you can really hurt yourself
  • Keep the spaces between mats empty so the teacher can walk around freely – the room is dark and glasses get stepped on often. That’s why we ask you don’t bring anything but a water bottle to set on the floor
  • Feel free to modify or skip any posture that doesn’t work for you
  • If you aren’t being challenged feel free to amp it up a bit (did someone say handstand?!?!?!)
  •  If you feel dizzy or nauseous, lie on your mat or even walk out of the room – this is common while your body is acclimating to the heat or if you didn’t drink enough water
  • You are always welcome to walk out of the room if you need a quick breather, just doso quietly
  • If you have to leave early, please do so BEFORE Savasana begins

Class ends with 3 things:

  • Yin, or stretching postures – music is low and teacher is quieter
  • Savasana – this is where you lie on your back, close your eyes and be still.  Savasana is to reset your nervous system back to default and give your mind a chance to find meditation, so it is very important to allow yourself that brief moment of stillness – try not to fidget
  • Seated cross legged posture – eyes are closed, sitting up tall. Teacher will say some parting words and then usually end with “Namaste”. This isn’t religious, it is simply saying I see the same light inside you, that I have inside me. We are the same. That said, if you aren’t comfortable repeating it back, that’s ok
After Class
  • Quietly pack up your things
  • If you borrowed a mat or any props, take them to the front of the room
  • Once you get back to the lobby feel free to talk
  • Make sure to gather all of your things before you leave (Yoga Brain is a real affliction which causes you to forget things)
  • If you had any questions for the teacher please feel free to ask
  • If there were any questions on your account make sure to settle up before you leave