Free Friend February

Your Friends Come FREE all February!

We believe in accountability, sharing your passions, and working out being enjoyable. Therefore, throughout the month of February, we will be allowing 1 person in for free for each paid student! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! We want to make it easy for our students to find an accountability partner to get them through the doors.

How does it work?

Any student who is on a paid package or even a walk-in, can bring someone, who doesn’t have a current Bent package or membership, with them for FREE!


Am I eligible to bring someone even if I am on the $30 For 30 Days intro offer?

Yes! Any paid package is eligible to give someone a free class every time they come in to practice!

Who cannot bring in a free person?

Students on Karma Yoga trades (so they are not paying for their packages) are not eligible. Only those who are on a paid package.

Do we need to sign in online?

No. You won’t be able to grab the Free Passes from the online store, they are only given out in the studio.

Can I bring someone who has already been to Bent?

Yes! The friend you bring doesn’t have to be a new student, and doesn’t have to be unique (meaning you can bring the same person multiple times during February). The only limitation on the free friend is they cannot have a currently active Bent package or membership to get the free pass (i.e. if they have a 10 class pack they cannot use a free pass instead of one of their own classes). 


Is the friend I bring eligible for the Awesome Intro Package of $30 For 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga if they have never been to Bent before?

Yes!!! If you bring someone brand new to the studio they can purchase the $30 for 30 Days on their first visit ONLY. Once they come once they are no longer eligible to purchase our intro deal.

I didn’t bring someone last class, does that mean I can bring TWO people this class?

No. Just 1 person admitted free for each paid student.