Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring?

We have a few mats to borrow, but not a lot so we highly suggest you bring your own mat. You will definitely sweat, so a towel is helpful to stop your hands from slipping. Also, many people like to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

What do I wear?

We’re glad you asked! There are many movements where your head goes below your heart. These postures are much more difficult if you have to use one hand to keep pulling your shirt back to your waist (we know from experience). The best thing to wear is something flexible that you can move in, but fitted so we don’t get a reenactment of your last Marti Gras.

Just how hot does it get?

Picture the Arizona desert in the peak of summer, with the sun beating down and the pavement melting under your feet. Not quite that hot :) We turn up the heat to about 100F and how hot the room gets above that depends on how hard everyone is working. But before you blow us off because “you don’t like the heat” keep in mind that every element in these classes has a purpose. The heat helps to loosen up your muscles, sweat out toxins, and get you to the edge of your comfort zone. You can always come down to your mat to rest or leave the room for a breather. And honestly, once you get used to the heat you start to crave it day after day.

I can’t even touch my toes. Will I look silly?

Not unless you come to class wearing a Big Bird costume. Contrary to popular belief, the physical poses themselves are not the goal of yoga. Yoga is a path that uses tools to help bring you into the present moment. The easiest way to stop your mind from daydreaming, or planning, or re-hashing, or auto-piloting is to feel something. Anything. When you reach for your toes, it is hard to ignore the intense feeling of your hamstrings stretching, so your mind is brought back to the present moment. The only difference between someone who doesn’t reach the floor and someone who can place their head between their legs, is that the latter is so stretched out they need to go a little farther to feel anything. That’s it. They don’t win a prize or get a medal.

I’ve heard this is very physical yoga, will I be able to keep up if I’m not in great shape?

Our classes are all “work at your own pace”. If something gets too intense, come down to your mat, catch your breath, and begin again. Our number one rule is to listen to your own body and do what feels right. You don’t need to match the person next to you, just focus on moving at a pace that suits you.

What is this “flow on your own” thing I have been hearing about?

We teach Vinyasa style yoga. That means the poses often flow into one another – for example when you inhale you lift the arms, then you exhale and bend the knees. We often hook a few different postures together into a “flow”. We will take you through it a few times and then let you go to run through it on your own a few times. And before you ask, it doesn’t matter if you remember the flow. If you don’t, just look around the room, or make it up as you go along. All that matters is you are moving in a way that allows you to feel something inside, and you are listening to your body. Beyond that, you could lay on your mat and do situps the entire class and we wouldn’t care.