Class Descriptions

All of our classes (except Yin) are heated to the max (95-105F) and are both mentally and physically challenging. All of our classes are also doable by beginners, as we hold no judgement if you need to come down to your mat or even step out of the room for a breath of fresh air. So why not give it a try? Find which class is right for you by clicking on the headings below.

Fluid Fire: Guided Vinyasa

This 60 minute class is perfect for those students who want the cardio of vinyasa but have recurring nightmares about the teacher saying “ok, now flow on your own.” The teacher will guide you through the flows every step of the way, challenging you to find that elusive edge and encouraging you to go deeper. The room is heated over 95 degrees and the upbeat music helps to get your blood pumping. This class is for any level student – only requirement is a willingness to sweat.

Perfect For: Someone looking for a hot sweaty workout, someone who likes fast paced movement, someone who has never done yoga but is ok being a little lost at first (we’ll help you!)

Goal: Cardio workout

Funky FreeStyle: FreeFlow Vinyasa

This class is all about exploration, playing, and getting yourself to your edge. The teacher will take students through a few flows and then encourage you to begin to move through them to the measure of your own breath. The loud, upbeat music and 95+ degree room take this practice to another level – it is not uncommon for inversions and arm balances to be thrown in in the heat of the moment. Because this class is less guided and faster paced, previous yoga experience is recommended but not required.

Perfect For: Someone who enjoys challenging themselves with new postures and transitions, someone who smiles when they fall, someone who isn’t afraid to have less structure and more responsibility

Goal: True exploration and experimentation

Ebb + Flow: Simplified FreeFlow

Ebb + Flow is a great way for EVERY BODY to experience a FreeFlow class. In FreeFlow classes, the instructor sets up a flow, runs through it a few times, then turns up the music and encourages the students to take it over on their own. Detaching from the teacher and the people around them allows the student to get deeper into their own practice. They can move at their own pace, modifying or intensifying where ever they need to. With FreeFlow classes people get nervous they won’t remember the flows, which is why we have introduced this Ebb + Flow: Simplified FreeFlow class. Flows will be short, simple, and doable by everyone. This does NOT mean the classes will be “easy”. They will still be challenging, we just won’t be making up crazy transitions or using far out props. Basic postures, more guidance, great for beginner through seasoned yogi.

Perfect For: Someone who has never done yoga, someone scared of flowing on their own, someone who likes to move with their own breath and find their own rhythm

Goal: True connection of body and breath – 1 breath, 1 movement

Weighted Zen: Yoga + Weights

In this class, students use 2-10 lb hand weights to enhance their yoga practice. Class is split between flowing without the weights and simple, repetitive, slow movements with the weights. Flowing is similar to Ebb + Flow sequences – simple yet challenging. Focus is on moving with the breath and concentrating on the muscles used.

Perfect For: Anyone looking to increase their upper body strength or add some creativity into their practice.

Goal: Strength


Experience the intensity of 30 minutes of Hot Vinyasa (might be some freeflowing, might be entirely guided – be surprised), coupled with the bliss of 45 minutes of Yin Yoga. Hot Vinyasa will raise your heartrate as we jam to loud music and challenging movement. Then we bring it down into longer holding, restorative Yin postures meant to open and soften even the tightest muscles and tissues.

Perfect For:  Someone who has never done yoga, someone who wants a balance in their life, someone who has a crazy mind and need that vinyasa time to slow it down before Yin

Goal: Balancing hard and soft, fast and slow, tight and loose

Torch + Tone: Slow Flow

This 60 minute class is perfect for both beginners and seasoned yogis. It moves at a bit of a slower pace, allowing your body to really get deep into each posture. The room is heated to 90-95 degrees and the music is soft and soothing. The class consists of a some guided flowing (linking postures together) to build heat and a few longer holding strength postures to build your mental stamina as well as tone your body. A great workout for both your mind and body, while still leaving you refreshed and destressed.

Perfect For: Someone who has never done yoga, someone whose mind won’t settle down but wants to learn how to focus, someone who wants to increase strength

Goal: Build strength and focus

Yin Yoga

We know a lot of you are athletes (re: TIGHT muscles) and like to move fast. You need that distraction for your crazy mind. But what if we told you in some instance softer poses might yield the most benefits?  Everyone needs balance, and Yin is here to complement you uberathletes. Yin is an amazing stretch of the inner most tissues of the body. Where we hold lengthening and restorative postures at minimum 5 minutes on each side to allow your body to slowly work into the posture. There is no warm up or music and the room isn’t heated. This is truly a mental practice in slowing down and reaping the physical benefits of stillness. Don’t kid yourself, it is still challenging to stay put even in restorative poses. But you are mentally as well as physically strong, you can do it!

Perfect for: Everyone!

Goal: Release the tension deep in your muscles and tissues