Bikram Yoga versus Hot Vinyasa

Traditionally, when someone used the term “hot yoga” they were referring to Bikram Yoga, a style of heated yoga made popular by Bikram Choudhury. However, once the benefits of hot yoga became apparent, other forms of yoga began to add heat. One of the most popular forms of hot yoga today isn’t Bikram, it’s Hot Vinyasa. Unlike the strict environment of Bikram Yoga, Hot Vinyasa can take many forms. It can range from 75F to 115F in the room, and can have a multitude of other variables as well. It is important to note, if a certain Hot Vinyasa studio doesn’t resonate with you, there is a good chance another one will, since each studio/teacher has room to play with what exactly their Hot Vinyasa class will look like (as opposed Bikram, which follows the rules set forth by Bikram Choudhury himself).


Here is a look at the biggest differences between Bikram Yoga and Hot Vinyasa Yoga.

Bikram Yoga

Hot Vinyasa Yoga


104F with 40% humidity

Anywhere from 80F-115F

BENT YOGA (brighton): 110-115F

BENT YOGA (fenton): 90-100F

Class Structure

26 Postures over 90 Minutes

Same Script and Postures Each Class

Postures linked together in dance-like flow, one breath/one movement

Some classes are guided the whole time and others allow students freedom to move as they see fit (freeflow)

May include everything from longer holding postures to HIIT sections to get blood pumping

BENT YOGA: We offer both guided and freeflow classes; never the same postures or class

Class Environment

Bright lights


Encouraged to keep eyes open and look at form in mirror

Varies per studio

BENT YOGA: Dim lights, no mirrors, encouraged to keep eyes closed and feel each posture from within


No Music

Varies per studio

BENT YOGA: Loud, popular music with a beat to move to

Best Suited For

Students who like to know what is coming next, who want to be guided, who want a more strict regimen

Varies per studio – some studios focus more on alignment and others more on freedom; some are more creative in their flows and others stick to similar flows each time

BENT YOGA: We cater to students who want to explore without judgement. People who don’t like to know what’s coming next, and like to try fun and crazy transitions just to see how they feel. We like people to find new ways to move their bodies and encourage deviating from the teacher’s instruction whenever possible.

New Student Special

5 Classes for $35!

That breaks down to just $7 per class for your first 5 hot yoga classes! All 5 yoga classes must be used within 30 days of start of package. Package is only available to new students (students who have not yet taken a class at Bent Yoga) and must be purchased on or before first visit.

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