About Us

Bent Yoga is a Hot Vinyasa yoga studio located in Livingston County, Michigan. In Hot Vinyasa, it is common to hear the phrase “one breath, one movement” because the class is made up of a series of postures done one right after another, in tune with the breath. Because of this constant movement, it is a more physical yoga than many other styles. Often we will tie 6, 7, or even 10 of these postures together into a “flow” you complete on one side and then the other. Unlike other Livingston County yoga studios, at Bent we like to give you freedom to explore your own body so after a while we may allow you to keep flowing on your own, without guidance of the teacher. It doesn’t matter if you remember all of the postures or not. If you don’t, just follow your neighbor or switch to doing whatever feels good.

The environment at Bent isn’t like many other studios in Livingston County. We play upbeat, often popular radio music. And we play it LOUD. We turn the lights down and the heat up. It’s hard to explain how all of these elements work together to form almost like a cocoon around your mat to encourage you to go deeper and deeper inside. Some things can’t be explained. You just have to try it. So grab your mat, find a class, and jump on in!

Meet Our Teachers

Check out our amazing teachers below! Click on a photo to read their bio and view their upcoming schedule. And don’t forget to give feedback (good or bad) about each teacher you take using our feedback form.

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