2018 Spring Challenge

Welcome to the Almost Summer Panic – where you realize very soon short sleeves, shorts and bathing suits will be expected! Want to whip yourself into shape both physically and mentally AND be rewarded for it? Take our 2018 SPRING CHALLENGE! If you already have an Unlimited Yoga membership, it is FREE TO JOIN! Don’t have a membership? We have a deal for you here: 2018 Spring Challenge Special!

Enter the 2018 Spring Challenge!

So how does it work? You get points for doing things you already do – like coming to class! Add up enough points, and you will get free stuff and be entered to win even MORE free stuff! Learn how to earn points by watching this video:


Runs April 15 – May 31, 2018

Register using the form on this page (if you don’t register here, we can’t guarantee a shirt available in your size when you rock out this challenge!)

Point system (watch the How To video for directions)

  • 1 point for booking online
  • 2 points for booking online and sharing to facebook
  • 5 points for writing a review in our software (limit 1)
  • 10 points for uploading a video testimonial to our Facebook Group (limit 1)

How many points do I need?

  • 55+ Points: FREE Bent Shirt
  • 65+ Points: FREE Bent Shirt AND be entered to win one of our awesome prizes!


  • Free month of yoga at Bent
  • Free month of classes at Scorpion Fighting System
  • Lululemon Yoga Mat
  • Lululemon hot yoga towel
  • FitBit Charge 2

NOTE: Challenge and Spring Challenge Special Package are for BRIGHTON LOCATION ONLY!

Don’t have an Unlimited Yoga Package?

Get UNLIMITED YOGA from April 15 – May 31, 2018 for just $150!!!!

(save over $100!)


To get your 10 free points, please follow these guidelines:

  • 15-30(ish) second long video
  • Good lighting and able to hear you clearly
  • Introduce yourself and either what you have gotten out of coming to Bent, why you like Bent, and/or advice you would give to a new person thinking about coming to Bent
  • Post the video to the Bent Yoga Brighton Tribe facebook group to get your points!

(by posting you acknowledge these may be used for marketing purposes)

Example Video Testimonial